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Back Taxes Canada. | Gary Booth CA Professional Corp.

For a variety of reasons you are behind in filing your tax returns. Doing nothing can be very expensive and cause unneccessary problems. We are here to help.

We may be able to:
- Prepare all outstanding tax returns
- Stop bank account freezing + Wage garnishment
- Negotiate a Payment Plan
- Help with your CRA Audit

Phone or email us now!

Gary Booth CA Professional Corp.
Suite 406 - 555 Burnhamthorpe Rd. | Toronto, On | M9C 2Y3
E-mail: backtaxes@garybooth.com
Tel: 416-626-2727
Fax: 416-621-7136

Please note that we can assist client’s in any jurisdiction within Canada through our head office. Please contact our head office for assistance. We look forward to working with you.

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